Ginni buns is the best fast food joint in Chandigarh. It offers burgers, kathi rolls, Italian thick shakes to the customers. It has its own flavors which makes it unique and best. Having your own franchise-based restaurant or café setup is great opportunities for the new start-ups, Ginni buns gives the best work opportunity where you can add the innovative thoughts and variations for making best food franchise all over the world. It actually understands the taste and preference of the nowadays world. Despite of that ginni buns is for health conscious customers, it focuses on Spicy and ethnic Indian taste lovers. There are few recipes, which have some relevance with different food cultures in India. The Kathi rolls have some hyderabadi touch in the Korma kebab. The add-on feature is the tasty sauces, which are prepared from the natural process and specifically used for this brand only. Similarly the thick shakes are also made up of some recipes, which are designed by the founder of this brand.


Ginni Buns has 3 different locations – Chandigarh, Jabali, Shimla. We have great hoarding on the way to Shimla near Jabali where you can stop for the while and collect burgers and shakes through drive-thru and capture great mountains view with the family. Other one is the core of city beautiful i.e. Sector 36-D where lots of students come for the tuitions and enjoy great taste of buns and rolls.

It has taken away system and customers who prefer food in their vehicles they get serve there too.


Ginni buns have trained chefs and staff for the recipes. They prepare food with full hygiene and safety. It gives 2 months training to the freshers for each and every recipe.


It’s the ideal opportunity for redemption…come feast with us.


wonderfulstory of our town

Ginni Buns is the company that prides itself on similarly displaying an innovative approach about its product development, franchise outlet and advertising. The “Passion for Excellence” is the sole motto of the company. The company is busy making new strategies to make the Bun Burgers fresher, nutritious and tastier.

Keeping in mind the health conscious ones, our products and brands bring you a range of Bun Burgers that are made of natural ingredients and highly nutritious. Our Hearty Mesh Classic Bun, Honey Grill Bun, Corn Masala Bun, Green Life Bun, Chilli Paneer Bun, Cheese Burst Bun, Green Life, Corn Masala, Mesh Classic and Chilli Paneer are the perfect pick for those who are looking for something special and tastier.

What we wantto achieve

We at Ginni Buns believe that one should not be fixed in choosing between taste and health. We constantly strive to offer tastier and mouth-watering food to all the people. We deliver what we promise and ensure that our products have the accurate nutritious ingredients.

A long ago, a burger was something you ate when you were on the move and reluctant to spend more. It wasn’t a snack very high on the food chain. But now the fast food craze has gone fashionable to fulfill this demand Ginni Buns is looking for opening new franchise outlets in all major destinations in India and abroad. We are fully confident about our products and technology adopted.